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Miraculous pottery Dragon claw plum blossom skin

A one-of-a-kind graceful curly
white dragon claw plum blossom skin cup and saucer.

It is a cup that the color of coffee shines beautifully.
A coffee cup with a thick handle that is easy to hold.
It is a type that can also be used for tea. It is a gem that will be appreciated as a gift.

*Microwave and dishwasher safe.

The appearance of the curls like the claw marks of a dragon is different for each, and the vessel shows only one pattern in this world.
Therefore, dragon claw plum blossom skin is said to be a miracle pottery.
*Please note that there are individual differences.

Dimensions: Cup Width 11 x Height 6.5cm x Depth 8.5 Capacity 200cc
Saucer Width 15.5 x Height 2.5cm x Depth 15.5 Total weight about 500g